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skyshek's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hong Kong
studies: italy Accedemia di Belle Arti di Urbino (multimedia design)
Zodiac (Chinese): dog
gender: Male

My Room 2015:…

I'm cool with a great sensual body and athletic! I like women and kill the bad guys with my friend *Machete*!
(of course it's all false (◕‿‿◕) ?)

mail: Model… Japan…

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drawing my friends III.3 (mecha musume)  and (Sonic Girl Super Arms Project) 30 August 2015 open (coordinated universal time (utc)) 16:00)


In here,I can be free to draw your FC character (gratis)

Theme Fc girls mecha musume

mecha musume Example:…

Emphasis to mecha musume

  1. ♦ please give the requests in 30 August 2015 (the Countdown is 0)
  2. ♦ please give the requests in it (Journal Entry Comments)
  3. ♦ please write for "FC mecha musume"
  4. ♦ fan characters is your original
  5. ♦ FC Can be anime, Cartoon, manga and game...etc
  6. ♦ please give the deviantart link
  7. ♦ can give 1 requests on the list
  8. ♦ can give 1 or 2 FC together
  9. ♦ please show Detailed Character Biography (english italiano 中文)
  10. Please write your favorite type (Human, cute, sex, nude, non nude, R-18...etc)
  11. ♦ you can give me idea, Location, objects...etc or as I like
  12. 5 requirements in the first list, but the list is complete, open a new (2 or 3 Months)
  13. ♦ Unable to give link, Biography and type. i can't draw it

Fc girls mecha musume List

1.Monster High - Nashiti Tepes
2.Bonnie Ref
3.Kixy bestuarios
4.Roselina New Design Ref W/Bio
5.Aiden Phoenix .:Reference Sheet:.

two arms or objects together, change the design to zombie movies (Robert Rodriguez styling…)
example film, From Dusk till Dawn, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Planet Terror, Machete
example Project: Original and Official Magical pony Project , Sonic OC girls moto GP

Survivor Team (zombie Attack Survivor)

SonicSuperArmsProject Survivor Team by skyshek

Amy Rose

SonicSuperArmsProject Amy Rose by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject Amy Rose(DesignTest) by skyshek

Amy Rose: zombie Attack Survivor
Arms: Road signs(spear) + MP5k

Cream The Rabbit

SonicSuperArmsProject Cream The Rabbit by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject Cream The Rabbit(DesignTest) by skyshek
Cream The Rabbit: tricycle gang
Arms: kids tricycle + Slingshot

Marine The Raccoon

SonicSuperArmsProject Marine The Raccoon by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject Marine The Raccoon(DesignTes by skyshek
Marine The Raccoon: Anti Z Athlete
Arms: Arm pitching machine + boomerangs


SonicSuperArmsProject Raf by skyshekOC SonicSuperArmsProject Raf(DesignTest) by skyshekFi normal Ref by TheFluffyBish
Ref: Samurai zombie killer
Arms: Katana + AK47

Felina The Ocelot

SonicSuperArmsProject Felina by skyshekOCSonicSuperArmsProject Felina(DesignTest) by skyshekFelina The Ocelot Reference 2015 by Shadris0719
Felina: Ninja archer
Arms: ninja star cross + bow weapon


SonicSuperArmsProject Mikaela by skyshekOCSonicSuperArmsProject Mikaela (DesignTest) by skyshek:Time Keeper and Mage: by RoxyTH
Mikaela: Assault crossbow girl
outfit: Original Designer + Tomb Raider Lara
arms- Crossbow + M16

Walls Defender Team (Defensive wall, kill zombies and invaders)

Rouge The Bat

SonicSuperArmsProject RougeTheBat by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject Rouge The Bat(DesignTest) by skyshek
Rouge The Bat: Dancing Gunner
Arms: Cowboy-boots + Magnum

Blaze The Cat

SonicSuperArmsProject blaze the cat by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  blaze the cat(DesignTest) by skyshek
Blaze The Cat: Rock Cat
Arms: M2 Flamethrower + Guitar

Sticks the Badger

SonicSuperArmsProject  Sticks the Badger by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  StickstheBadger(DesignTest) by skyshek
Sticks The Badger: Cham Cham ver.Bear
Arms: Radio Controlled  Aircraft + Boomerang
outfit: Original Designer + cham cham samurai shodown

Dikita ball

SonicSuperArmsProject  Dikita ball by skyshekOCSonicSuperArmsProject  Dikita ball(DesignTest) by skyshekDikita color XD by Shide-Dy
Dikita the Squirrel: Rocket Student
Arms: Water rocket + Water gun


SonicSuperArmsProject vanescence by skyshekOCSonicSuperArmsProject vanescence(DesignTest) by skyshekQuick Ref: Vanescence (TEMPORARY) by V-Velvet
Vanescence: Big Gun Rabbit
arms: Rabbit Tail + M61 Vulcan


SonicSuperArmsProject Moley-Fox by skyshekOCSonicSuperArmsProject Moley-Fox (DesignTest) by skyshekMoley Fox - 2015 by Moley-Fox
Moley Fox: Fighter Rose
arms: Barbed Wire + HK G11 + Tonfa

Time Traveler Team (From the future, transport vaccines(cosmo))

Cosmo (sonic x)

SonicSuperArmsProject Cosmo by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject Cosmo(DesignTest) by skyshek
Cosmo (sonic x): Vaccines of future
Arms: Camera + FN P90 = Turret (game portal)

Wave The Swallow

SonicSuperArmsProject  wave the swallow(DesignTest by skyshek
Wave The Swallow: Fast Dancers
Arms: Switchblade x2 + Longboard (127cm)

Tikal The Echidna

SonicSuperArmsProject  Tikal(DesignTest) by skyshek
Tikal: Time travel Archaeologist
arms: Electric Concrete Dreaker + Shovel

Daja Modern

SonicSuperArmsProject  Daja Modern by skyshekocSonicSuperArmsProject  Daja Modern(DesignTest) by skyshekXxx:..Daja Modern The Hedgie REF 2013..:xxX by DajaModernTheHedgieXx:..Future.Daja.Modern.The.Gia-Hedgie..:xX by DajaModernTheHedgie
Daja Modern: Black Metal Knight
arms: katar + Glock-19 x2
outfit: Original Designer 2015 + Original Designer old


SonicSuperArmsProject Discharge by skyshekocSonicSuperArmsProject  Discharge(DesignTest) by skyshek[REF] Discharge the Hedgehog by BlueSpecZ
Discharge: The Blue Terminator
arms: Hand + Railgun


SonicSuperArmsProject Krysta by skyshekocSonicSuperArmsProject  Krystal(DesignTest) by skyshekKrystal the Hybrid- 2013/2014 Reference Sheet by RoxyTH
Krystal: Future Spy
arms: Bow + Thales F90

Super Police Team ( Super Police anti zombie)

Sally Acorn

SonicSuperArmsProject  Sally Acorn(DesignTest) by skyshek
Sally Acorn: Police Knife light
arms: sig sauer sp2022 + Knife


SonicSuperArmsProject   Julie-Su(DesignTest) by skyshek
Julie-Su: Queen Of Police
arms: spiked mace + Mossberg 500

Alix the Wolf

SonicSuperArmsProject  Alix the Wolf by skyshekocSonicSuperArmsProject  Alix the Wolf(DesignTest) by skyshekAlix the Wolf by AngelOShadows
Alix the Wolf: Riot control knight
arms: Police Riot Shield + Transparency Swords x6

Usolia the Wendigowak

SonicSuperArmsProject   Usolia by skyshekocSonicSuperArmsProject  Usolia(DesignTest) by skyshekUsolia the Wendigowak by Misical
Usolia the Wendigowak: Martial State Police
arms: Marlin Model 60 x2 + Long Baston + Sai x2

Empress E

SonicSuperArmsProject  Empress E by skyshekocSonicSuperArmsProject  Empress E(DesignTest) by skyshekE S Design By Sombaholic-d87r3jw by Sombaholic
Empress E: Man In Black Myth
arms: Glock 22 x2 + Ax + Ddagger

School Team

Maria Robotnik Hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject  MariaRobotnik(DesignTest) by skyshek
Maria Robotnik Hedgehog: GoGo Maria
arms: Shadow Keychain + iron chain

Stella Sweet

SonicSuperArmsProject StellaSweet by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  StellaSweet(DesignTest) by skyshekStella Sweetheart by Codename-Turtlefairy
Stella Sweet: Candies Bomb
outfit: Original Designer + inuyasha higurashi kagome school uniform
arms: Candies + TNT + Portable Drawing Tube


SonicSuperArmsProject Sapphire by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject Sapphire(DesignTest) by skyshekSapphire Reference Sheet by Sapphy-chan7
Sapphire: −195°C Girl
arms: paper cutter blade + Chemical Products and Liquid nitrogen


SonicSuperArmsProject  kyra by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  kyra(DesignTest) by skyshek+Art Trade 15# + kyra the taolin wolf by Angelthefox98
kyra: Fire Shodo
Gigantic Ink Brush + Green Fire

Rooxstart The Suprem Power

SonicSuperArmsProject  Rooxstart by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  Rooxstart(DesignTest) by skyshekRooxstart The Suprem Power (Rooh TSP) Reference by RooxstartDA
Rooxstart: Pipe Band Start
arms:  Drum Major Maces… + Speaker & Microphone

Meid Team

Shadow The Hedgehog(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject  Shadow Female(DesignTest) by skyshek
Shadow The Hedgehog(♀): Moe Moe kill
arms: Advertising Hand Board + Chef's Knife Set

Jasmine the Cat

SonicSuperArmsProject Jasmine the Cat by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  Jasmine the Cat(DesignTest) by skyshekJasmine the Cat by XxBlackFelineDarkxX
Jasmine the Cat: Meido Pastry Chain
arms: Furry Handcuffs + Plastic Pastry Replicas + Iron Chain x2


SonicSuperArmsProject Milky by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  Milky(DesignTest) by skyshekMilky the Celestial reference by Polkies
milky:  Meido Cutegun
arms:  Parasol Umbrella + Shotgun


SonicSuperArmsProject Natalie The Cat by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  Natalie(DesignTest) by skyshekNatalie reference by Bluukio
Ntalie The Cat: Meido Reaper
arms: Mop + Electric Cooking knife

Elect The Husky

SonicSuperArmsProject  Elect The Husky by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject Elect The Husky(DesignTest) by skyshekElect The Husky .:Reference Sheet:. by xSonyasCupcakex
Elect The Husky: Queen Of Meid
arms: Handheld Taser + Horsewhip

Moto Gang Team

Big the Cat(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject  BigTheCat Female(DesignTest by skyshek
Big the Cat(♀): Big Breasts Cat
arms: Wrench + Motorcycle Wheel


SonicSuperArmsProject Ekio by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  Ekio(DesignTest) by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  Ekio Moto(DesignTest) by skyshekEkio by WonaTheBat2015
Ekio: Plasma Rider
Mini Moto + Harley Motorcycle
arms: Plasma Bullet + Double-Barreled Shotgun

Sasha The Fox

SonicSuperArmsProject  Sasha The Fox(DesignTest) by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  Sasha The Fox Moto(DesignTe by skyshekxX :. T.h.e C.h.a.o.s B.e.n.d.e.r. .: Xx by x-ToxicPasteI-x
Sasha The Fox: kick Trap
Motocross + kart
arms: High-heeled Boots + Bear Trap

Alice Angelwing

SonicSuperArmsProject Alice(DesignTest) by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  Alice Moto(DesignTest) by skyshekAlice Referencias by SoulStormHNS
Alice Angelwing: Rider Lancer
Vespa + Chopper
arms: Spear +  Plasma and  Blu Ray cutter

Luna Bijou Rosalie Bloodshed

SonicSuperArmsProject  Luna(DesignTest) by skyshekSonicSuperArmsProject  Luna Moto(DesignTest) by skyshek

Mature Content

Xx.Luna.Rosalie.Ref.Sheet.2015.xX by InsanityBloodRose

Luna Bijou Rosalie Bloodshed: Cerberus Reaper
Motorcycle x3
arms: Uzi + spiked chain + scythe

Nurse Team

Miles Tails Prower(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject  MilesTails Female(DesignT) by skyshek
Miles Tails Prower(♀): Lancer Nurse
arms: Bone Saw + Infusion Rod


SonicSuperArmsProject  Sonar(DesignTest)  by skyshekSonar In Sonic Adventure Style by Sonar15
Sonar: Injection Nurse
arms: gun + syringes

Nirei The Rabbit

SonicSuperArmsProject  Nirei(DesignTest) by skyshekNirei T.R. -Redesign- by BloomPhantom
Nirei The Rabbit:  Huge Yo-Yo Nurse
arms:  Automated external defibrillator + Wheelchair


SonicSuperArmsProject  Angel(DesignTest) by skyshek+the two official outfits of angel+ by Angelthefox98
Angel: Nurse Mafia
arms: smith & wesson 45 + Pressure Sprayer(Isopropyl alcohol)

Rosa the Akita

SonicSuperArmsProject  Rosa(DesignTest) by skyshekRosa the Akita's reference (updated) by villyvalley16
Rosa the Akita's: tessen Nurse
arms: surgical knives + Bandage

Idol Team

SonicSuperArmsProject Metal Sonic(DesignTest) by skyshek
Metal Sonic(♀): Metal Vocaloid
arms: Microphone Stand + Bullhorn x3
outfit: Metal Sonic + Hatsune Miku


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Mlp Beauty Girls Change Clothes by skyshek
Mlp Beauty Girls Change Clothes
Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy: Nishino kaori: clothes Rarity
My Little Pony: Rarity: clothes Starfire
Teen Titans: Starfire: clothes Nishino kaori
DesignTest: mlp beauty girls change clothes(DesignTest)
mlp  beauty girls change clothes(DesignTest) by skyshek
mlp beauty girls change clothes(DesignTest)
Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy: Nishino kaori: clothes Rarity
My Little Pony: Rarity: clothes Starfire
Teen Titans: Starfire: clothes Nishino kaori
SonicSuperArmsProject Metal Sonic(DesignTest) by skyshek
SonicSuperArmsProject Metal Sonic(DesignTest)
Info: Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project
two arms or objects together, change the design to Robert Rodriguez styling (…
example film: From Dusk till Dawn, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Planet Terror, Machete

Idol Team
Metal Sonic(♀): Metal Vocaloid
arms: Microphone Stand + Bullhorn x3
outfit: Metal Sonic + Hatsune Miku
SonicSuperArmsProject Ekio by skyshek
SonicSuperArmsProject Ekio
Info: Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project
two arms or objects together, change the design to Robert Rodriguez styling (…
example film: From Dusk till Dawn, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Planet Terror, Machete

Moto Gang Team
Ekio: Plasma Rider
Mini Moto + Harley Motorcycle: Moto(DesignTest)
arms: Plasma Bullet + Double-Barreled Shotgun
Original Designer Ekio: Ekio
DesignTest: Ekio(DesignTest)


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BlitzStars Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, this is about your SonicSuperArmsProject thing, do you have to pay you to add fan characters in? and are slots still open?
Vulkano-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2015  Student
Sorry for the inconvenience, but can I ask a question? If it is possible?
skyshek Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Vulkano-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Student
Ammiro molto le vostre arte, non dico/scrivo solo per cosi, ma lo penso veramente, eccezionale che dei disegni cosi sono davvero ma davvero fantastici!

Ho due domande dire la verità.

1. Il progetto del Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project, come posso dire, quale erra il scopo di inventare questo progetto gli OC, contro gli Zombi?
2. Mi domandavo se Sonic, ho non so gli altri personaggi, ci saranno nel progetto, ho il progetto e completo?

E accettate le mie scuse per queste 2 domande che ho fatto, vi auguro una buona giornata.
skyshek Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
si, Il progetto è inventare armi con oggetti su luogo per contro gli Zombi. (come videogioco Dead Rising)

primi, one Team è tre Official + tre  Fan, ma adesso ci sono molti richieste, diventa uno Team è one o due Official piu quattro Fan.

progetto continua,  prossimi ci sono Idol team, Miko team, Military team e lolita team.
(2 Replies)
Gexani Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
Check out my comment on my first account if you are suspicious of me:

This is my new account now QwQ
thegreatrouge Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Student Interface Designer
your line art and coloring are amazing but you should work on the eyes
they mostly look off and non symmetrical
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Hello do u mind redrawing my oc for me
Gojira012 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015
Do you take requests
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you are Awesome :meow:
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You have Awesome art :)
villyvalley16 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Student
Hmmm, are the ones that opens in september (like the zombie survivor team, fighter meido team, etc) are a part of the sonicsuperarms project? :?
skyshek Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
villyvalley16 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Student
Ooo i see... so when it opens in september (possible) is it first come first serve or can a spot be reserved before it opens so the character can make it into the list? :?
skyshek Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sonic Girl Super Arms Project date and Emphasis info
drawing my friends MechaMusume and SonicSuperArms
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skyshek Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project 2 Journal in Production.
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Strykeforce2005 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gotta say your SonicSuperArmsProject is pretty cool. Are these like commissions or something?
skyshek Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is old free Commissions.
but the list is complete.
Strykeforce2005 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh ok. Thanks.
skyshek Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sonic Girl Super Arms Project date and Emphasis info
drawing my friends MechaMusume and SonicSuperArms
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