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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hong Kong
studies: italy Accedemia di Belle Arti di Urbino (multimedia design)
Zodiac (Chinese): dog
gender: Male

My Room 2016:…

I'm cool with a great sensual body and athletic! I like women and kill the bad guys with my friend *Machete*!
(of course it's all false (◕‿‿◕) ?)

mail: Model… Japan…

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Info & Character

Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project
Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project 2

comic & story

Sonic Girl Super Arms VS Zombie Comic Project

new List

Gothic Lolita Team (complete)

Gothic object + weapon and Gothic Lolita outfit

Roselina (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject  roselina(DesignTest) by skyshekRoselina New Design Ref W/Bio by RoselinaChan
Roselina: Gothic Lolita Soldier
Arms: Gothic Cross + Blades
outfit: Gothic Lolita + military

Love The Angel-Rose Wolf-

SonicSuperArmsProject  LoveTheAngel(DesignTest) by skyshekReference-Love The Angel-Rose Wolf- by AxelxLove
Love The Angel Rose Wolf: Gothic Love Angel
arms: sword + Angel sculpture wing

Priscilla Von Foxsten

SonicSuperArmsProject  PriscillaVonFoxsten(DesignT by skyshekPriscilla Von Foxsten by xXZoeyGalaxyFox606Xx
Priscilla Von Foxsten: Gothic Sycthe
arms: Sycthe + Bone +Eland Horn


SonicSuperArmsProject  Tanisha(DesignTest) by skyshekDraw me like one of yo-NO by RazorToshiba
Tanisha: Lolita Fire
arms: Light Chandelier + blue fire

Aurora Nightmare

+Aurora Nightmare+Reference by Angelthefox98
Aurora Nightmare: ?

Cute Lolita Team (complete)

Cute object + weapon and Cute Lolita outfit

Knuckles the Echidna(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject  KnucklesTheEchidna(DesignTe by skyshek
Knuckles the Echidna(♀): Cute Batting
arms: Toy Bear + Baseball Bat + Barbed Wire


SonicSuperArmsProject  Kristina(DesignTest) by skyshekKristina Reference by XxstarshipxX
Kristina: Shoot Babysitter
arms: Antique Perambulator + FN Minimi x2


SonicSuperArmsProject  Angie (DesignTest) by skyshekAngie (36) by angiegarcia36
Angie: Winged Unicorn Kick
arms: Repeating Crossbow + Electric Drill + High-heeled

Sirena the Hedgehog

Sirena's New 2016 Look by iloveraphaeltmnt
Sirena the Hedgehog: ?

mei the cat

.: mei the cat :. by xNyarameru
mei the cat: ?
arms: hand puppet + two guns

Rescue Team

(role are firefighters, Air-sea rescue (Helicopter), Rope rescue (mountain),
Confined space rescue, Surface water rescue...etc)

Aiden Phoenix (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject  Aiden Phoenix(DesignTest) by skyshekAiden Phoenix .:Reference Sheet:. by Sketchee-Invader
Aiden Phoenix: Surface water Girl
Arms: Speargun + Sword
role: Surface water rescue

Playboy Team

(Playboy Bunny, cat, bog or etc.)

Scourge the Hedgehog(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject Scourge(DesignTest) by skyshek
Scourge the Hedgehog(♀): Magic Bunny Hedgehog
arms: Circular Saw + Top Hat & Blade + Cane

Military Team

Julia the Hedgehog (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject JuliaTheHedgehog(DesignTest) by skyshekJulia the hedgehog new reference by B-Gemini
Julia the Hedgehog: Boxing Missile
arms: Type 79 Jyu-MAT + Metal Hand
outfit: military + boxing

8-90's Robot Team

Clawdia the C.R.A.B (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject Clawdia the C.R.A.B(DesignTe by skyshekClawdia the C.R.A.B And Lazar the Minion Ref sheet by villyvalley16
Clawdia the C.R.A.B: Clamp Robot
Arms: Floating Clamp

Miko Team

(Japanese Shinto )
SonicSuperArmsProject  Silver the Hedgehog(DesignT by skyshek
Silver The Hedgehog(♀): Mace Miko
arms: Gohei + Suzu = Mace

X-Sports Team

Flame Heart (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject  Flame Heart(DesignTest) by skyshekFlame Heart (not by me) by xSonyasCupcakex
Flame Heart: Rollerbladingb Saw
arms: Rollerblade + Mini Circular Saw

Game Conventions  Team

(game console + classic game(outer sonic game))

Kuroi The Hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject kuroi(DesignTest) by skyshekKuroi T.H. -Redesign- by BloomPhantom
Kuroi The Hedgehog: GameCube  Knight
arms: GameCube Joystick + Sword
outfit: GameCube + the Legend of Zelda

Steampunk 20's Team

(steampunk 20's example: 20's Flappers, 20's Mafia...)

Aurore the Hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject Aurore(DesignTest) by skyshekReference by Sombaholic
Aurore the Hedgehog: Steampunk Flapper
arms: Steam Cleaner + Gas Gun

complete Team

Idol Team

Metal Sonic(♀) (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject Metal Sonic(DesignTest) by skyshek
Metal Sonic(♀): Metal Vocaloid
arms: Microphone Stand + Bullhorn x3
outfit: Metal Sonic + Hatsune Miku


SonicSuperArmsProject  Strawberry(DesignTest) by skyshekStrawberry by XxstarshipxX
Strawberry: Fluorescent Strawberry
arms: Glow sticks + Toy Launcher

Skyler Akemi Powell

SonicSuperArmsProject Skyler(DesignTest) by skyshekSkyler The Hedgehog by xSonyasCupcakex
Skyler Akemi Powell: Assaulting Idol
arms: Megaphone + Škorpion vz. 61

Anya Tiger-Lily the Tiger

SonicSuperArmsProject Anya Tiger(DesignTest) by skyshekContest entry. by SketchyGL
Anya Tiger-Lily the Tiger: Gun Rock Idol
arms: Microphone + shotgun


SonicSuperArmsProject Chiyoko(DesignTest) by skyshekChiyoko Reference Redo by OoVanilla-TwilightoO
Chiyoko: ?
Chiyoko: Electric Idol
arms: Fresnel Light + Musical Tesla Coil + Stereo Systems

Z-new Team

(use Camera or photo camera + Weapon to document and fight(Providing information and news online to "mini teleporter")

Bonnie the Chinchilla (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject  Bonnie(DesignTest) by skyshekBonnie Ref by SirBurnout
Bonnie the Chinchilla: Photo Gunners
arms: Revolver + Camera

veronica the demon fox

SonicSuperArmsProject  veronica(DesignTest) by skyshek+Veronica's Reference+Veronica j. the demon fox by Angelthefox98
veronica the demon fox: Boom operator Samurai
arms: Boom Mic + Katana

Chroma Daymeri

SonicSuperArmsProject  Chroma(DesignTest) by skyshekChroma Daymeri La Leona Albina by SoulStormHNS
Chroma Daymeri: Gatling Camera
arms: Gatling gun + Camera Reporter

leily the lion

SonicSuperArmsProject  leily(DesignTest) by skyshekLeily the Lion:riference: by LegionEsmeralda
leily the lion: No Comment Announcer
arms: Bazooka + Big Microphone Form

Lindsey the Monkey

SonicSuperArmsProject  Lindsey(DesignTest) by skyshekLindsey Ref by Strykeforce2005
Lindsey the Monkey: Aquatic photographer
arms: Underwater camera + Harpoon launcher

Christmas Team (complete)

together on one Christmas draw
change to Christmas clothes and Christmas objects + Weapon


SonicSuperArmsProject  Lorelei(DesignTest) by skyshekSticker by L3V3L-S3L3CT
Lorelei : kung fu Christmas
arms:  Japanese police electric baton + christmas lights = Nunchaku

Anthracite the Shadatanis

SonicSuperArmsProject  Anthracite(DesignTest) by skyshek..Anthracite.. by Shadatanish-Divine

Anthracite the Shadatanish: Snow Elf
arms: christmas tree + lance

Rebeka The Hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject Rebeka(DesignTest) by skyshekReal Reference Rebeka by xKittyRaver
Rebeka The Hedgehog: Snow Hedgehog
arms: Angel Ornament + Wings Blade

Jay akiyama

SonicSuperArmsProject   Jay(DesignTest) by skyshek.:SonicOC:. At your service! - Jay 2016 - by 3D-Xecution
Jay Akiyama: Xmas Reindeer Cetective
arms: Candy Cane + Colt

Fernanda C

SonicSuperArmsProject Fernanda(DesignTest) by skyshekYa wanna play with me? by Neko-Dancer
Fernanda C: Christmas Machete
christimas tree ornament + machete

Armed Princesses Team (complete)

(armed mix princesses. armed can Knight, Samurai, military, etc.
princesses can England princesses, Japanese princesses, Egypt princesses, etc.)

Kixy (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject  kixy(DesignTest) by skyshekKixy vestuarios by candycandy-chan
Kixy: Catrina Revolution
Arms: Colt Bisley + Machete
outfit:  la Calavera de la Catrina + Mexican Revolution Soldier

Nina Stripes

SonicSuperArmsProject Nina Stripes(DesignTest) by skyshek<da:thumb id="581129569"/>
Nina Stripes: Medieval Black Knight Princess
Arms: Poleaxe + knight Lance
outfit: Medieval Princess + Black Knight

Sarah the hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject Sarah(DesignTest) by skyshekSary-sue the hedgie by Yukidog674
Sarah the hedgehog: Princess Sun Wukong
Arms: Water Lily ornament + Monk Staff
outfit: Princess + Goku "Journey to the West"

Sapphire Jafari

SonicSuperArmsProject Sapphire Jafari(DesignTest) by skyshek.:Reference sheet - Sapphire:. by sonicsilver12
Sapphire Jafari: Jugnle princess
Arms: necklace + spear
outfit: modern Jugnle princess

Suzuki Hana Okami

SonicSuperArmsProject  Suzuki (DesignTest) by skyshekSuzuki Hana Okami by Nekozai
Suzuki Hana Okami: Samurai  Princess
Arms: Bow + Katana

Emphasis to requests Gothic Lolita Team & Cute Lolita Team

  1. ♦ please give the requests on Registration Start day (Start on March 20 utc16:00 (the countdown is 0)
  2. ♦ please give the requests on it (Journal Entry Comments)
  3. ♦ please write for Gothic Lolita or Cute Lolita Team
  4. ♦ fan characters is your original
  5. ♦ please give the deviantart link
  6. ♦ can give 1 requests on the list
  7. ♦ please show Detailed Character Biography (english italiano 中文)
  8. Please write your favorite object, weapon, outfit, role or as I like
  9. The first 8 requests can on list(4 requirements to Gothic Lolita Team and 4 requirements to Cute Lolita Team) 
  10. Each 2 or 3 Months open the new list
  11. ♦ Unable to give link or Biography. i can't draw it

Info & Character

Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project
Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project 2

comic & story

Sonic Girl Super Arms VS Zombie Comic Project

story begins:

An unknown weapon was killing everyone on the animal's world and earth.
A virus has simultaneously revives the undead Mobians into zombies.
This looks like the end of the world.

On earth. the old computer and old "return to the animals' world" machine (Sonic X episode 53-54) Chris’ laboratory transported a mini teleporter, and an S.O.S. to past in Sonic’s world.
(The reason this happens is because a year on Chris' world is only a month on Sonic.)

Sonic and his friends received the message and decided to look for answers in the future.
However, once the male Mobians arrived at their destination they find themselves turned into females.
Without the help of the Chaos Emeralds and Golden Rings, Sonic and his friends, along with their new feminine bodies won't be able to fight...


Do you like write mini stories, Screenplay or storyboard to me, create mini comic 4 papers. can give the link in it (Journal Entry Comments)
can use characters on Super Arms Project.
stories can adventure, comedy, action, war, erotic, yuri (but non nude)

Sorry i have such a bad english, who can Improve is welcome


episode 1 Amy and apocalypse future by skyshekepisode 2 Crossbow Girl by skyshek
Screenplay 1 Amy
Screenplay2 CrossbowGirl
Screenplay?? Elect The Husky Cooperation: xSonyasCupcakex

Sorry i have such a bad english, who can Improve is welcome


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whenever the next list open please tell me I would love to be in 1 !
XxJayden-kunxX Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was wondering about your SonicSuperArms project and I wanted to ask what teams have an opening.
skyshek Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Each 2 or 3 Months open the new list, next is June probable (Rescue Team and Playboy Team).

XxJayden-kunxX Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Hi there I don't want to sound weird but I'm a huge fan of your awesome artwork! And I wondering if I can request my OC to join the military team.
MellowCoffeeLover Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016
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you are request is "Priscilla Von Foxsten" but the link she name is Priscilla Hannah Zoey Von Foxston.
xXZoeyGalaxyFox606Xx Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, That's her full name. But to save space, Priscilla Von Foxsten is better. ^^
skyshek Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Can my character join your gothic lolita team please?
skyshek Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes, please give the requests on Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project 2
iloveraphaeltmnt Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016  Student Filmographer
Do you want me to give you her bio and stuff in the comments?
skyshek Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes, img link and her bio
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lyrasta Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Student Artisan Crafter
Espio the Chameleon Female please!!
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Chameleon yes, in working
Lacendy Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016
Happy CNY!!!Love your pony arts!!!
171julianJS Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016
hi i have a question over your sonic arms project what is your next picture ?Popcorn 
skyshek Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
next is sonic arms project Meid Team 5 together
171julianJS Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016
Cool ^^ Meid Team 5 together Sounds good
pwnzer895 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you do free requests?
skyshek Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
free requests for SonicSuperArmsProject:
Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project 2
free requests for no Sonic, can give me the link.
pwnzer895 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Does it have to be a female, canon sonic character?
skyshek Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can give me the character link?

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