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About Digital Art / Hobbyist skyshekMale/Hong Kong Group :iconsonicgirlarmsproject: SonicGirlArmsProject
Creative weapons are endless!~
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SonicSuperArmsProject  FernandaC DesignTest by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject FernandaC DesignTest :iconskyshek:skyshek 96 6 SonicSuperArmsProject  Anthracite(DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Anthracite(DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 114 7 SonicSuperArmsProject  Jay (DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Jay (DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 107 5 SonicSuperArmsProject  Michi (DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Michi (DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 122 4 SonicSuperArmsProject  Rebeka (DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Rebeka (DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 114 6 SonicSuperArmsProject Lorelei (DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Lorelei (DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 156 7 SonicSuperArmsProject  Suki gothel (DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Suki gothel (DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 146 10 SonicSuperArmsProject Epsylis(DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Epsylis(DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 144 10 SonicSuperArmsProject  Tama(DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Tama(DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 111 8 My Room and workspace 2016 by skyshek My Room and workspace 2016 :iconskyshek:skyshek 30 4 SonicSuperArmsProject  Gala (DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Gala (DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 121 8 SonicSuperArmsProject  Sonya (DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Sonya (DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 108 10 SonicSuperArmsProject  Eve (DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Eve (DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 106 7 SonicSuperArmsProject  Tamashi(DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Tamashi(DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 113 8 SonicSuperArmsProject  Matthew(DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Matthew(DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 128 5 SonicSuperArmsProject  Peaches (DesignTest) by skyshek SonicSuperArmsProject Peaches (DesignTest) :iconskyshek:skyshek 134 10


Phantasia Roulette Rovette Concept by villyvalley16 Phantasia Roulette Rovette Concept :iconvillyvalley16:villyvalley16 19 11 Ew, another redesign by Atomic-Strawberry Ew, another redesign :iconatomic-strawberry:Atomic-Strawberry 54 34 Roulette Rovette color concepts (update) by villyvalley16 Roulette Rovette color concepts (update) :iconvillyvalley16:villyvalley16 17 18 VALENTINE's VALENTINE DAY by KOUSES VALENTINE's VALENTINE DAY :iconkouses:KOUSES 256 25 ::ALL THE TIME:: by mimblewimble ::ALL THE TIME:: :iconmimblewimble:mimblewimble 43,037 4,020 Pocket Monster - Icca by Slugbox
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hong Kong
studies: italy Accedemia di Belle Arti di Urbino (multimedia design)
Zodiac (Chinese): dog
gender: Male

My Room 2016:…

Then fly away from here
Yeah I don't care
We'll just fly away from here
Our hopes and dreams are out there somewhere

mail: Model… Japan…

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Info & Character

Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project
Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project 2

comic & story

Sonic Girl Super Arms VS Zombie Comic Project

new List

Rescue Team(close on 26 June 2016 utc16:02)

(role are firefighters, Air-sea rescue (Helicopter), Rope rescue (mountain),
Confined space rescue, Surface water rescue...etc)

Aiden Phoenix (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject  Aiden Phoenix(DesignTest) by skyshek Aiden Phoenix .:Reference Sheet:. by Sketchee-Invader
Aiden Phoenix: Surface water Girl
Arms: Speargun + Sword
role: Surface water rescue

Matthew Scott 

SonicSuperArmsProject  Matthew(DesignTest) by skyshek Madeline Scott by xXKitsuneGalaxy606Xx
Matthew Scott : ?
Arms:  big dog Stuffed toy(German Shepard or a Border Collie)+ Daggers & Guns
Role: K-9 Search & Rescue Patroller

Eve the Horse

SonicSuperArmsProject  Eve (DesignTest) by skyshek
Eve the Horse: −195°C Gunner
Arms: water gun + Liquid nitrogen
Role: Ice-Water Rescue


SonicSuperArmsProject  Tama(DesignTest) by skyshek Tama Reference by xStrawburst-Dreamerx
Tama: Ocelot Air Force
Arms: Quadcopter + Parachute
Role: Air-sea rescue

Epsylis Spectrus the Spirit

SonicSuperArmsProject Epsylis(DesignTest) by skyshek Epsylis Spectrus REDESIGN by EpsylisTheSpirit
Epsylis Spectrus the Spirit: Multi-worker Rescue
Arms:  foldable ice-axe/climbing-claws/saw
Role: mountain rescue

Military Team

Julia the Hedgehog (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject JuliaTheHedgehog(DesignTest) by skyshek Julia the hedgehog new reference by B-Gemini
Julia the Hedgehog: Boxing Missile
arms: Type 79 Jyu-MAT + Metal Hand
outfit: military + boxing

Aqua the Hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject  AquaTheHedgehog(DesignTest) by skyshek Aqua the Hedgehog [2016] {FULL BIO} by Miss-Aquatic
Aqua the Hedgehog: Sexy Military
arms: Automatic rifle + knife

8-90's Robot Team

Clawdia the C.R.A.B (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject Clawdia the C.R.A.B(DesignTe by skyshek Clawdia the C.R.A.B And Lazar the Minion Ref sheet by villyvalley16
Clawdia the C.R.A.B: Clamp Robot
Arms: Floating Clamp

Double Role Team

can select two Team Role mix together. example: "Meid+Nurse",  "School+Playboy", "Gothic Lolita+Moto Gang"....etc

 Suki gothel

SonicSuperArmsProject  Suki gothel (DesignTest) by skyshek Suki gothel by Rasbipac
Suki Gothel: Gothic Club Police
Arms: Handcuffs + Gothic Knife
Role: Gothic Lolita + Police

Miko Team

(Japanese Shinto )
SonicSuperArmsProject  Silver the Hedgehog(DesignT by skyshek
Silver The Hedgehog(♀): Mace Miko
arms: Gohei + Suzu = Mace

X-Sports Team

Flame Heart (Join comic)

SonicSuperArmsProject  Flame Heart(DesignTest) by skyshek
Flame Heart: Rollerbladingb Saw
arms: Rollerblade + Mini Circular Saw

Game Conventions  Team

(game console + classic game(outer sonic game))

Kuroi The Hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject kuroi(DesignTest) by skyshek Kuroi T.H. -Redesign- by BloomPhantom
Kuroi The Hedgehog: GameCube  Knight
arms: GameCube Joystick + Sword
outfit: GameCube + the Legend of Zelda

Steampunk 20's Team

(steampunk 20's example: 20's Flappers, 20's Mafia...)

Aurore the Hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject Aurore(DesignTest) by skyshek Reference by LadySaitama
Aurore the Hedgehog: Steampunk Flapper
arms: Steam Cleaner + Gas Gun

Cheerleader Team

Rosy the Rascal

SonicSuperArmsProject  Rosy the Rascal(DesignTest) by skyshek
Rosy the Rascal: Football Cheerleader
Arms: football helmet + big rivet

Lori The Slut

SonicSuperArmsProject Lorelei (DesignTest) by skyshek Im too hot by Mommy-Senpai
Lorelei the echidna: Throwing Pom-pom
Arms: Throwing Knife + Pom-pom

School Sport Bloomer Team

Sonic the Werehog(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject  werehog Female(DesignTest) by skyshek
Sonic the Werehog(♀): Volleyball Attack
arms: Volleyball + Nail

Rebeka The Hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject  Rebeka (DesignTest) by skyshek Real Reference Rebeka by Pan-cakuu
Rebeka The Hedgehog: Spiked Ball Girl
Arms: Baseball Bat + Spiked Ball

Michi Turrn

SonicSuperArmsProject  Michi (DesignTest) by skyshek Michi Turrn by Rasbipac
Michi Turrn: Electric tennis Girl
Arms: Tennis Racket + Barbed Wire + Electricity

Flight Attendant Team

Jet The Hawk(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject JetTheHawkFemale(DesignTest) by skyshek
Jet The Hawk(♀): Jet Attendant
arms: Scooter +  Knife + Luggage(mace)

Scouts Team

Charmy Bee(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject  CharmyBee Female(DesignTest by skyshek
Charmy Bee(♀): Scouting Bee
arms: Drill + Slingshot

Swimsuit Apron Team


SonicSuperArmsProject  Zooey(DesignTest) by skyshek
Zooey: Turbojet Frying Pan
Arms: Estes Blast + Frying Pan

Jay akiyama

SonicSuperArmsProject  Jay (DesignTest) by skyshek .:SonicOC:. At your service! - Jay 2016 - by 3D-Xecution
Jay Akiyama: Sex Dead Cook girl
arms: Chinese Wok Ladle & Spatula = Nunchaku

Sexy Leather Team

Storm the Albatross(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject  StormTheAlbatrossFemale by skyshek
Storm the Albatross(♀): Storm Leather
arms: Dumbbell + Saw blade

Anthracite the Shadatanis

SonicSuperArmsProject  Anthracite(DesignTest) by skyshek ..Anthracite.. by Shadatanish-Divine

Anthracite the Shadatanish: Pole Dance Lancer
arms: Pole Dance Pole + Tri-Edge Dagger

Fernanda C

SonicSuperArmsProject  FernandaC DesignTest by skyshek Neko Update Redesign by Niitre
Fernanda C: Sexy Machete
arms: Baseball Bat + Blade

Crossover Team

Sonic the Hedgehog(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject  Sonic Female(DesignTest) by skyshek
Sonic the Hedgehog(♀): Hedgehog Wheel
arms: Exercise Machine +  Big Wheel
outfit: black rock shooter + rainbow dash

Bride Team

Espio the Chameleon(♀)

SonicSuperArmsProject  EspioTheChameleon(DesignTes by skyshek
Espio the Chameleon(♀): Escape Bride Ninja
arms: Crinoline +  Sten Submachine Gun x5

Swimming Suit Team


SonicSuperArmsProject  Chaos (DesignTest) by skyshek
Chaos(♀): Water Girl
arms: Swim Ring & Water Wings + Resin(inside)

Circus Team

Zoey Prower

SonicSuperArmsProject  Zoey(DesignTest) by skyshek
Zoey Prower: Blue Club Joker
arms: Mainspring + Metal Playing Card

Modern Ninja Team


?: ?
Arms: ?

Julia Bluebel

Julia new design  by B-Gemini
Julia Blubel : ?
Arms: Double Blade Batonre

DJ Team


?: ?
Arms: ?


SonicSuperArmsProject  Peaches (DesignTest) by skyshek
Peaches: DJ Queen
Arms: Aux Cord + Whips

neon team


?: ?
Arms: ?

Destruction Nightwalker

Destruction the Hedgehog [2016] by B-Gemini
Destruction Nightwalker : ?
Arms: Chain Whip

Noble/Classical team


?: ?
Arms: ?

li xia long

Li Xia Long by B-Gemini
li xia long : ?
Arms:  Chinese sword

Semi Summoner Team

gerald robotnik the hedgehog(♀)

Female Version by Shadatanish-Divine
gerald robotnik the hedgehog(♀): ?
arms: two Dragons toy or etc can change to Chakrams

Street thug Team

Cupcake the Kitten

.:FC:. Cupcake the Kitten by sonicsilver12
Cupcake the Kitten: ?
arms: Graffiti or something

Fairy tale Team

Julia the Bear

Julia the Bear by Yukidog674
Julia the Bear: ?
arms: ?

Fitness Team

Zorina the Fennec fox

.:New Baeee:. by Miss-Aquatic
Zorina the Fennec fox: ?
arms: Yoga ball,body spider exerciser

Scientist/Inventor Team

Candice Paloboom

.:Candy-ice:. by sonicsilver12
Candice Paloboom: ?
arms: ?

Pirate Team


.: SonicOC :. Kath 2016 by 3D-Xecution
Kath: ?
arms: ?

Semi Fantasy Team

Nives the crystal

.:+:. Nives the crystal guardian .:+:. by AngelTheFireDemon
Nives the crystal: ?
arms: ?

Colorful Silver Space Team


Tori by XPsychoFluffx
Tori: ?
arms: ?

Roulette Rovette

Roulette Rovette color concepts (update) by villyvalley16
roulette rovette: ?
arms: giant roulette wheel

Bartender and Beer girl team


Gabe By Wonathebat2015-d9g4vir by G3X4NI
Gabe: ?
arms: ?

Harajuku team


Ew, another redesign by Atomic-Strawberry
Opal: ?
arms: ?

Sonic Mix Team(no open)

Roll the Hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject  RolltheHedgehog(DesignTest) by skyshek
Megaman x Sonic
Roll the Hedgehog: Cannon Girl
arms: Vacuum Cleaner + Leaf Blower = Air Gun

Blossom the Hedgehog

SonicSuperArmsProject  Blossom the Hedgehog(Design by skyshek
the Powerpuff Girl x Sonic
Blossom the Hedgehog: flying Girl
arms: School bag + Tunnel Ventilation x2 = jetpack

Judy Hopps The Rabbit

SonicSuperArmsProject  judy Hopps(DesignTest) by skyshek
Zootopia x Sonic
Judy Hopps The Rabbit: Mini Rabbit Reinforcements
arms: Electric Drill + Big Cone Drill Bit

Emphasis to requests Rescue Team & Playboy Team

  1. ♦ please give the requests on Registration Start day (Start on 26 June 2016 utc16:00 (the countdown is 0)
  2. ♦ please give the requests on it (Journal Entry Comments)
  3. ♦ please write for Rescue Team or Playboy Team
  4. ♦ fan characters is your original
  5. ♦ please give the deviantart link
  6. ♦ can give 1 requests on the list
  7. ♦ please show Detailed Character Biography (english italiano 中文)
  8. Please write your favorite object, weapon, outfit, role or as I like
  9. The first 8 requests can on list(4 requirements to (Rescue Team and 4 requirements to Playboy Team) 
  10. Each 2 or 3 Months open the new list
  11. ♦ Unable to give link or Biography. i can't draw it

Info & Character

Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project
Fan and Official Sonic Girl Super Arms Project 2

comic & story

Sonic Girl Super Arms VS Zombie Comic Project

story begins:

An unknown weapon was killing everyone on the animal's world and earth.
A virus has simultaneously revives the undead Mobians into zombies.
This looks like the end of the world.

On earth. the old computer and old "return to the animals' world" machine (Sonic X episode 53-54) Chris’ laboratory transported a mini teleporter, and an S.O.S. to past in Sonic’s world.
(The reason this happens is because a year on Chris' world is only a month on Sonic.)

Sonic and his friends received the message and decided to look for answers in the future.
However, once the male Mobians arrived at their destination they find themselves turned into females.
Without the help of the Chaos Emeralds and Golden Rings, Sonic and his friends, along with their new feminine bodies won't be able to fight...


Do you like write mini stories, Screenplay or storyboard to me, create mini comic 4 papers. can give the link in it (Journal Entry Comments)
can use characters on Super Arms Project.
stories can adventure, comedy, action, war, erotic, yuri (but non nude)

Sorry i have such a bad english, who can Improve is welcome


episode 1 Amy and apocalypse future by skyshekepisode 2 Crossbow Girl by skyshek
Screenplay 1 Amy
Screenplay2 CrossbowGirl
Screenplay?? Elect The Husky Cooperation: xSonyasCupcakex

Sorry i have such a bad english, who can Improve is welcome



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robotic's team...
but i have the 8-90's Robot Team
Robot theme is very open.
robot Type you like?
example: Hobby diy robots,in test robots,old or no complete robots...
MadameToaster Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I was thinking more of an inventor for robotics instead of actual robots.

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do you like Powered exoskeleton team it idea?
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Powered exoskeleton team
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no Power armor but Powered exoskeleton
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